About Us

It was founded in 1992 in Buldan (Denizli).

As the Pupilla family we are inspired by you

Our story began in 1992 in Denizli. Buldan, the capital of the document, in a small workshop with a boutique production understanding of the production of those years, 10000 m2 closed area of ​​the same spirit we continued to carry the present day.

We produce towel, bathrobe, peştamal, duvet cover, pique and bed cover groups with the original production concept. Our only mission is to offer you the products that can provide comfort to your home and life by combining them with our unusual designs.

Dynamic, innovative but above all, we have a team trying to get to know you. That's why we, as the Pupilla family, are inspired by you. Producing products that appeal to your needs and taste is one of the values ​​that make us we.

In the light of modern and technological developments, we constantly follow the design trends in the world with our production network. We have a growing market network in different regions both in Turkey and abroad. Our aim is to continue our modern and high quality line that we have tried to create since the day we started with the same passion.

We have been doing what we learn and love from our ancestors for years. And the Pupilla brand, which grows with your satisfaction, will be the moment we have achieved.


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